UPDATE: October 16, 2019

Water testing is complete and water has been turned back on for normal use.

UPDATE: October 13, 2019

Water testing will continue into the week of October 14. Water at Gubser is on for flushing toilets and handwashing. Drinking fountains have been bagged and labeled and bottled water will be available until testing is completed and results are satisfactory. Water testing is routine, however the district will not take shortcuts where health and safety are concerned, and has put these protocols in place out of an abundance of caution.

Original post, Oct. 8, 2019:

Construction improvements at Gubser include installing a new fire hydrant, which requires testing Gubser’s water line. On Friday, October 11, water at Gubser will be shut down while testing takes place. Portable toilets and bottled drinking water will be provided during the shut-down. Water may be turned back on in the afternoon for handwashing and flushing toilets only. However, bottled water will remain available until these routine inspections and tests are completed.

Water testing may cause temporary inconvenience but we won’t take any shortcuts where the health and safety of our community are concerned. Please contact Gubser Principal Tom Charboneau with any questions.