Thank you for supporting the Gubser Jog A Thon.  The Jog A Thon will be held on Thursday, October 11, 2018.  Below is the running schedule.     We hope you can come by and cheer on your student during their running time and enjoy this fun event with them.

9:30-10:00             5th GRADE        MR BAUMER (C5)   MRS RAMEY (C2)

10:00-10:30           4/5th GRADE      MRS FRANK (C9)      MR WHETZEL (C6)

10:30-11:00           3/4th GRADE     MRS RUSSELL (C4)      MRS BAKER (C7)

11:00-11:30           3/4th GRADE    MISS LORENTZ (C8)        MISS SEAGREN (C1)

11:30-12:00           3rd GRADE      MISS LAFRAMBOISE (C3)     MRS CARTER (B5)

12:45-1:15             1st/2nd GRADE   MS LUCAS (A1)    MRS JUSTINO (B1)     MRS MAGNUSSON (A4)

1:15-1:45               1st GRADE   MS MARTIN (A3)     MS GIBBINS (A8)

1:45-2:15               KG   MRS NOWLIN (A5)     MRS VENKA (A6)      MISS GARCIA (A2)

2:15-2:45               2nd GRADE     MRS BALL (B2)  MS HANSEN/MRS WELLS (B3)

2:45-3:15               2ND GRADE  MRS WRIGHT (B4)   MISS LEONARD B6